DJ and Pro Audio Jobs

Interested in working with a DJ that has 10+ years of experience?

Are you an up and coming disk jockey looking to work with a company that already has the experience? Please contact us here at VSP, as we are always looking for fresh talent and personalities to work with. If you are interested, please consider the following responsibilities:

  1. Setting up Sound and Lighting Equipment
  2. Playing the role of Emcee/Event Coordinator – Making all necessary announcements over the PA
  3. The ability to read the crowd in order to determine how to interact and appropriate music selections
  4. Troubleshoot Sound/Lighting Equipment
  5. General Music Knowledge
  6. Able to work weekends
  7. Provide reliable and adequate transportation to transport DJ equipment to and from the venue
  8. Carry out moderate heavy lifting – roughly 75 pounds maximum

If you are looking to get into entertainment then you must possess personal qualities as follows:

  1. Neat Appearance
  2. Honest
  3. Reliable
  4. Personable
  5. Enthusiastic
  6. Organized/Responsible
  7. Detail Oriented
  8. AND above all, dedicated to customer service

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