Hiring a DJ VS. Doing It Yourself

This is a question we get often.

“Do I hire a DJ or do I rent the equipment and do it myself?”

The answer? Depends on what you want. But here’s a few things to consider:

1. Are you musically inclined?

If you, or someone you trust have a really great sense of music, know what songs will make people dance, or sing along, or perhaps relax a hyper crowd, then maybe you should do it yourself. If you know how to find a great playlist, or put one together, then again, do it yourself! However, if you feel as though music isn’t one of your strong suits, perhaps hiring a professional for a little bit more money, is a good idea.

2. Are you technically savvy?

This one isn’t as important, but can be an issue. DJ equipment isn’t very complicated. However, if you really aren’t too confident about your technical skills, you will probably want a professional to be there, to set it up, and run the system. Most equipment is easy to use and very reliable. However, one unplugged cable or one missing software update, can cause a problem. Professional DJ’s know their equipment as well as their music. So if it’s a big event, you might want to consider a professional DJ to run the audio. Which brings us to our next point.

3. How important is the event?

If you’re trying to put on a event for a family reunion or in front of a small group of collogues, you probably won’t find yourself under too much pressure. But if your event is an alumni reception or large company event, you might want to consider a DJ. Again, DJ’s do this professionally, so they know how to put on a show. Depending on how important the event is, as well as the audience, you should consider if a DJ is right for your event.


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